Sci-Fried Eggs Episode 60 #140625

by letterstowalterkovacs

Earlier this week I reviewed ‘That’s Because You’re A Robot’ one of Saam , from Hats and Milk comics , favorite comics from the past year. He also highly recommended Noah Van Sciver’s ‘Youth is Wasted’. Unfortunately I haven’t found the time yet to read and review this comic. But I have stumbled across a podcast from earlier on this year by Sci-Fried Eggs where they talk to Noah Van Sciver about ‘Youth is Wasted’ and the rest of his work. In the interview Sciver discusses the biographical elements in ‘Youth is Wasted’, how he still has a day job to support his comic book career and how crappy he thinks Garfield is. Noah Van Sciver’s interview is in Segment 3 of the podcast.