The Discussion on Small Presses Continues ….

by letterstowalterkovacs

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on this blog about small press comic book writers and publishers. In the article I briefly looked at some of the small press publishers that have been appearing in abundance in the UK.  You can read the article here:

The discussion on small press comics and self-published comics is raging in the UK.  Some see it as a culture growing at a healthy rate. While others think it is saturating the market with low quality work.

Andy Oliver, over at Broken Frontier, has written a two part feature exploring the positives and negatives of the growth the UK is experiencing in Small Presses. He expands on several elements that I touched on.  Andy’s article entitled ‘State of the Small Press Nation- Is Self and Micro Comics Publishing in the UK Growing Faster than its Potential Audience?’ asks;

whether there’s a down side to the rapidly expanding UK small press world. Is the potential readership failing to match the growth rate of new practitioners? Is this a common experience for creators? Is their audience being squeezed as a result? And, crucially, has this been noticeably affecting sales?

Many prominent figures in UK independent comics share their opinions in the article including Martin Eden, Colin Mathieson of Accent UK and David White and Ricky Miller of Avery Hill Publishing.

Find below links to both parts of Andy Oliver’s article.

What do people think of Small Press and self published comics and its rise in the UK.  Do you think it is helping or crushing artists and publishers?